Sushi Restaurant Franchise Opportunity

Ninja Sushi is a step up from your average fast food sushi spot. We have higher quality ingredients and more imaginative choices.

Why Franchise?

Since its family rooted start, Ninja Sushi has catapulted to become a Hawaii favorite and receiving plentiful press coverage, exceptional food reviews and steadfastly loyal customers. Customer and critical acclaim aside, Ninja Sushi Company has become a cult favorite among diners, ranging from consistent, bustling lunch crowds and hungry students, to families and tourist patrons who appreciate the distinctive flavor and authentic menu. Through this universal appeal, Ninja Sushi has captured the kind of diverse clientele necessary to thrive as a national franchise.

The Making of a Hawaiian Sushi Legacy

From tourist hot spots, to thriving Hawaii bedroom communities, you can find the unique and popular quick serve Ninja Sushi establishments. They are simple, unimposing restaurants that don’t rely on promotions or attention-grabbing sales tactics to promote their food. Neither pushy waiters nor over-the-top décor greet you when you enter, just the rich aroma of healthy Sushi and Japanese food, served quickly and affordably.

You may think that without all the marketing hoopla, and a with fully developed palette for Japanese food in Hawaii, that a restaurant concept like Ninja Sushi would have a difficult time competing for business. But that isn’t the case. Ninja Sushi has enjoyed growing popularity since opening in 2003, earning both critics’ awards and the approval of a diverse clientele, ranging from distinguished and discriminating diners, to the tourist masses visiting throughout the beautiful state of Hawaii.

Why Ninja Sushi is Different

Ninja Sushi hand selects and seasons every ingredient, creating a distinctive taste available nowhere else. They also have a dedicated belief that great Japanese food should contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives – so you will find their food made only with the natural ingredients intended.

Further, Ninja Sushi buys only the best produce and seafood available. In Hawaii, that is no faint of heart task, but the food and the taste is worth the effort.

“You are basically salivating the moment you walk into the place… I really liked how all of the different textures came together for each delectable bite.”

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