Benefits and Services

Ninja Sushi is designed to serve you, not your business.

In developing the Ninja Sushi Franchise System, the compelling principle was to create a business system that allowed franchisees to have an opportunity to work “on their business”, rather than being overwhelmed by working “in their business”. Operating any business can be time consuming, expensive, and come with great personal risk. Ninja Sushi’s franchise system is intended to limit each.

Enter a Mature, Expanding Market

Ninja Sushi believes that a great franchise offers investors with an opportunity to enter a market that is mature, yet shows current and future signs of vigorous growth. One that, with a bit of motivation and hard work, can produce rewarding accomplishments and lucrative returns, all while offering our franchisees complete control over their job security and financial future.

The thoughtful Ninja Sushi franchise system offers on-going operational advantages rarely available to the typical “business” owner such as:

  • Moderate startup and direct operational costs
  • Modest staffing and labor costs
  • Continuous menu development
  • Branded, proprietary sauces with retail opportunities
  • Repeat customers
  • Predictable revenues
  • Low office/facility overhead
  • Home office support and oversight

So, with these benefits, a value-based franchise fee starting at only $30,000 and the assurance that the Ninja Sushi staff is at hand to help you grow and manage your Ninja Sushi business, there is every reason to consider our opportunity now. Ninja Sushi management knows from experience what it takes to grow a world class, ethnically specialized business and they are confident they can help you do the same.

From the first hand roll, we will be there for you, so you can focus on serving your customers.

Service Areas for our Franchise Owners

Home Office Support

As a franchisee, it’s a promise, you will never be alone. Management understands and is committed to the very basics of franchising, being there for their franchisees. So, while the other guys are urging the franchisees to read the blog, view the video or peruse the newsletter, Ninja Sushi franchisees can always just pick up the phone and call on the team. They will always be there to help.

Menu Development & Kitchen Techniques

While the completion of your training, the build out of your location, and the hanging of your first menu might appear to mark the end of development; the management at Ninja Sushi considers it just the start. That said, throughout your tenure as a Ninja Sushi franchisee, you can expect the Home Office to continually develop new, exciting, and seasonal menu items and continually refine, share, and train franchise owners and staff on the topics and techniques that make Ninja Sushi the exception to the rule.

Exceptional Marketing, Operations and Brand Experiences

It may seem like details, but Ninja Sushi management passionately spends time testing each ingredient, creating each POS offering, approving each visual, and evaluating each operational brand experience before passing each for use in the system. Only then, are they confident that each delivers the consistent results only the most discriminating customer, critic or franchisee would accept. Knowing that, imagine what else they’ve done to make your business simply work from day one.

Extensive Initial and On-Going Training

Not to worry, you and your staff will learn in a real customer setting all the ins and outs of not just managing your restaurant, but managing well, all the while doing it efficiently and profitably. Once your training is complete, the Ninja Sushi team will continue to test, re-test and improve the Ninja Sushi menu, operations and marketing strategies. We will keep you updated with the newest and best business practices, so you can work “on your business”, rather than “in your business”.

Protected Territories

Once you have invested in and worked hard to grow your Ninja Sushi location(s), rest assured it is yours. They work hard to award territories that are generous, equal in demographic characteristics and afford our owners the opportunity to work cooperatively with one another. You can always acquire more locations should your expansion goals motivate you, but what you have is yours as long as you remain an active franchisee with Ninja Sushi.

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